A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You accept a homebrew energy drink from a new chemist. What could possibly go wrong?

Kinda visual novel, kinda not. Contains an audio maze, so make sure you have headphones on.

SPACE will usually speed up dialog (sometimes not). ESC will get you to the pause menu (usually). You can restart any scene (if you missed some dialog or something). 

Controls are different per minigame, so try stuff out! 

Made with Godot 3.1

Install instructions

Note: Windows version has been minimally tested. You're better off with the Mac version or the source code. 

acid_source.zip can be run inside the Godot engine. Just unzip and double-click "project.godot".  If you have trouble running a scene individually, open "Utils.gd" and change "var NO_LOAD" to true. This will prevent the game from resuming at the save point.


acid_source.zip 444 kB
ACID_macos.dmg 16 MB
acid_win64.zip 11 MB

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